Antioxidant for better health

Living in developed country we’ll be exposed to a lot of pollution like air and water. This may lead us to free radicals that may affect our life.

Too much stress-free radicals

Processed food-free radicals

Too much isn’t it

Occasionally our body will use antioxidant protect us from free radicals but too much free radicals will not good for us as our diet didnt get enough antioxidant.Thus we may easily got fever, flu and cough. And certain extend may lead to certain disease such as cancer.

Have you ever heard proverbs that say

“An Apple a Day May Keep The Doctor Away”

This proverbs may goes good in older days as apple is some source of antioxidant but not now. You know why? Let me explain, have we ever bother about fruit industry nowadays? How they can supply in a large quantity to us without shortage. Yeah. There are using some of growth factors, pesticide and wax to make the fruit is more in production and looking good. Then we ate them without knowing how much chemical we put into our body. We think that this fruits give us benefit but actually it harm yourself.

Have you ever wonder that even though you take fruit but you still got fever and flu. You still need a doctor right. So, in order to have better health why not you take some antioxidant suppement to have better health and life.

There are a lot of supplements in the market so you have to do a quick research about good suppliment as not all supplement is safe and works.

As for me to choose a safe and effective supplement I would go for supplement that establish for a long time and being clinically proven safe, effective and works not on just some testimony from persons but on research that being done by respective scientist. Other than that I would choose supplement that close to nature as too much synthetic chemical may harm our body.

Thus, I choose Sustained Release Vitamin C(SRVC) Shaklee and Vivix Shaklee as my antioxidant supplement.

The beauty of sustained Released Vitamin C Shaklee

1)Vitamin C contain in SRVC is equivalent to vitamin C in 7 and half orange.

2)It is release slowly so that vitamin C can be utilized optimally by our body. As we know vitamin C is water soluble vitamin and easily excreted via sweat or urine even though we are not using it yet. Thus, with the slow release system can give full absorption that need by our body..

3)SRVC contain hisperidin that facilitate absorption of vitamin C.

4)SRVC is extracted from corn kernel and not from corn syrup. A lot of vitamin C supplement is extract synthetically from corn syrup compare to SRVC that is extract naturally from corn kernel.

5)One tablet of SRVC is only cost RM0.54 and one bottle of SRVC may last for 6month.

If you Are interested, dont forget to contact me

SID Fathimah


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